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One of the most dynamically developing business areas of Tranz-Org Ltd. is the manufacture and development of containers, including space-saving, nover and energy-efficient multifunctional containers, in terms of storage and transportation. Our most important goal is to manufacture and develop special folding containers with space-saving solutions that make a significant contribution to reducing logistical and environmental burdens.


Depending on the application, the containers can be fitted with total comfort, in various sizes (heating, ventilation, water). They can be installed on each other or side by side. The specialty of our development and the its significant challenge is the design of the interior of the container, the basic equipment, which fits into the unique folding frame and side panel system. All this in a customizable interior design structure that fits in with the functional and minimalist trends of international contemporary design, providing the customer with a simple, practical and ergonomic solution that fits the given location, function, image and environment.

Folding container units also adapt to the aspects of an integrated quality management system that meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 and NATO AQAP 2110:2009 normative document.

As a result of our development we can achieve significant results:



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